Three ways to make your site popular


A lot has changed in the past twelve months. Browsers have evolved, the percentage of users browsing on mobile devices continues to climb, and key metrics like site speed have never been more important.

In this quick guide, we will examine five ways you can improve your site in 2017.

Keep Your CMS, Themes, and Plugins Updated

If you’re using a content management system such as Joomla, WordPress, or Grav, then there is a good chance updates are regularly available for it and any themes and/or plugins you are using. It’s important to keep this stuff updated, and the New Year is a great opportunity to catch up on any out-of-date bits and pieces in your website. It’s also recommended to test all updates on a non-production server first, as this will let you see any incompatibilities as third-party theme and extension builders catch up with unexpected changes in new CMS releases.

Give Your Site a New Look

Website design trends are constantly evolving, and if your website hasn’t had a visual touch-up in a few years, it might be time to consider doing so. Modern web design is heavy on flat elements, simplicity, and the smart use of whitespace where trends dating back just a few years ago would favor a more cluttered and 3D element appearance.

This is also an excellent opportunity to recreate the look of your site to match any additions you’ve made over the past year, or to add those bits and pieces you’ve been putting off because the current design didn’t work quite right with them.

One great way to hit the ground running with a site redesign is to pick up a theme from a theme provider. These themes usually come with an easy-to-use set of customization options so your site will look and feel exactly the way you want it to with minimal (if any) development experience required. A modern, optimized theme can also take advantage of better optimization techniques which will improve site performance, which happens to be our next tip.

Optimize for Speed

There are a lot of ways to improve the speed of your website. We’ve covered several of them in a previous blog post. But, if you haven’t put your site through some benchmarks lately, now would be an excellent time to do so. Free website speed testing services such as Pingdom’s Website Speed Test will benchmark your site’s page load times and give you insight into how you can improve performance. Search engines like Google or Bing take page load time into account when determining how high to rank a webpage in search results. If your website is slower than another one with similar content, you might end up lower on the search results page for that reason.

Also consider faster hosting providers. Not all hosting services are created equal, and there are exceptional low-cost alternatives to traditional hosting out there such as Amazon AWS which offer scalable hosting services that meet a wide range of needs.


How to search engine optimize your blog content


SEO is important for marketers incredibly. When you optimize your content on web pages as well as blog, this means you are allowing people to visit your site more visibly. People who look for keywords related with your product, brand or service by means of engines like Google, can be tricky tactic to master with copious algorithm updates. Some of the ways should be focused and are as follows:


  • Focus on 1-2 long tail keywords


In order to optimize your blog posts for keyword, it is not about only incorporating as many keywords as you can into the blog posts, but it is actually about your search engines which show that you are only stuffing the keywords.  A good rule of thumb is to focus on keywords per blog post.


  • Include 1-2 keywords in some parts of your post


There are some essential places you should try to include your keywords such as headers, headline and body and Meta description and URL. Now, you have got one or two keywords, it is the time to include it into your blog post.


  • Ensuring that your blog is mobile-friendly


According to Google, mostly people use search engine on their mobile phones instead of the desktop. All of the valuable search queries are being done on mobile, Google shows the outcomes first for mobile-friendly. Yet, this is another example of Google which has been true since the algorithm updates heavily favoring mobile-friendly websites.

You must have to notice some of the mobile-friendly examples listed first when searched for the best restaurants in user phone. There are no search outcomes that mobile-friendly aren’t on the first page of Google search.

The importance of a great designing website


The benefits of maintaining a website are many. Think through it that your company will be accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, being able to sell your products and services online, as well as being able to establish a permanent channel of communication with your target audience.

To achieve these goals, your company website must be something more than a simple “folder”, with institutional text, photos and contact arranged in any way between the pages. The website is a powerful tool, the “safe harbor” of your company on the internet, and should be thought, planned and developed with the utmost care and respecting some important factors.


At the beginning of the internet, it was quite common for websites to use and abuse visual resources, which were always very colorful, flashy and flashy. Of course this does not work and tends to scare anyone who accesses it. Think of your company web design Dubai as something clean, easy to understand and assimilate, and do not confuse the user.


Your company designing website will be the place that will house the main component of the digital marketing strategy: content. Whether it’s blog posts, videos, infographics and any other kinds of information relevant to your audience, that stuff should find a good “home” within your site.


Ideally, the user can reach any page or specific information within the site with the least possible clicks – two would be ideal. With that in mind, plan the structure of your company’s website in a way that facilitates access to any information, leaving the key links and buttons well-positioned and visible.

User Experience

Allied to navigation, the user experience refers to the routes you want the user to make on your site, with certain goals in mind: collect e-mail, register opinion, buy a product, hire a service, among many other possible.


5 things for aspiring Dubai web designers in 2017


Web design and development companies in Dubai offer web designing services which helps you relish working dreams as well as develop the victorious website. Web designing help all the business to polish and sparkle their business in the positive manner. Following are some of the important 5 points that are essential to view from the famous web designing companies in UAE from aspiring web designers.


  • Certified training from professional organization


The affiliation certification in your resume provides the customer a review of your expertise. The technical and certified web designers Dubai are good and perform technically, brilliantly and theoretically in the market. The people who fail to get the degree from any reputable institute also have a great passion towards designing. They are able to design the websites in a positive and simple manner.


  • Have a vast knowledge of designing


The certified degree is not valuable until or unless the web designer have competencies to skill every kind of design. It is difficult to get the expertise in designing the websites and banners. In order to get reorganization in the designing market, working hard with the career is must. The patience and focus of web designers will definitely go to ring the bells and make their expertise beyond the client’s expectations.


  • Expertise guidance


If you have strong will to learn the web designing skill, the professional person guidance will increase your understanding. It is good for the web designing career to get in touch with the designing communities on the internet with the intention to get information and learn all downfalls and success moments of learning period.


  • Techniques and tools


One of the famed software i.e. Photoshop is to practice your creative skills. This software help you in designing and make your dreams come true.


  • Attractive portfolio


In order to get the opportunity, it is important to design the sturdy, innovative and attractive web designing portfolio which may help the customers to notify the capability and ability of the designing skills.

5 things to look for when selecting the best web design company for your business


While building a new website, the creation of a brand and redesigning a new website is important for a company which will help select the right partner for the business. Most of the providers claim that top web design companies in Dubai fighting through the clutter to find the best web design supplier for their business with the intention to build final product. Here are the things to look for when choosing the best web design company for your business;

  1. Experience matters:

Businesses tend to come and go in Dubai. But if a company embarking on a new website design project, there is an opportunity that the company will require to the support and expertise which develop the needs of the business.

    2. Past portfolio will show you a lot about company.

The best way to check whether Design Company has the skill set or experience that require for the business project is to keep a check on the portfolio of the company and analyze whether they actually created the websites or not.

     3. Do they really understand about your business?

If you have a specialized business that require proper understanding, you have to ensure that the individual you speak to must have the business development team, lead designer, senior management and technical team who can fully understand the task before taking from you.

    4. Do they talk about procedures?

It is important for the company to known whether customer fully understands the web design process. This procedure needs to be explained at early stage.

     5. Do they have a full in-house team?

Last but not the least; the most significant question is to ask who will be working on your business project actually? It is important to have access to the team working on the project so that the project runs efficiently from beginning to end.

World of big S – SEO, SEM & Search Engine with SEO Dubai

Every business whether big or small is somewhat familiar with SEO which is to make the website rank with organic search engine resulting into profit. SEM include paid listing and search engine related services which also result in bringing traffic to the website ultimately resulting into revenue.


Both the tactics are used to ensure the accessibility of the site to a search engine and improving the chances of site be found or even rank among many other sites. SEO Dubai has been involved with the promotion of the search engine based work helping many websites to flourish. They aim at successful SEO and SEM to make the high-ranking placement where search results are involved (i.e. on Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines). The more is the organic searching or paid listing it will naturally give a website ranking.

image01 (1)

The users will visit the site which has the proper and direct linking to their needs and defined thoroughly. This promotion includes, creating & publishing a good content, using keywords, link building for popularity, using social media links, site navigation, paid per click, ads to bring more recognition and much more.


Though SEO takes longer time to build up the website ranking as compare to SEM still the former approach is long lasting and bring lifetime recognition from the customer. If business want to perform on then it has to have both organic and advertised links which definitely means you need both SEO and SEM.  SEO Dubai is always there to help you in getting the desired rank you want your business to stand on with diligence.

Put Your Believe in the Graphic Designer Dubai

Every business owner wants to have best when they come forward to promote their brand or product. They want to take decisions in which perfection is the must part. The know-how of what goes on the website while framing the web page is the ability to how it took place that is learning new things. The striking designs automatically attract the attention of the readers or users.

image00 (1)

Graphic Designers Dubai brings in the best designs and the formation of the website leading to profitability. The full range of demand coming from the clients for the project needs the experts on board who show their expertise while taking care of right resources. If the business is the small one or working on freelancing than agility is the strongest asset. But if your business is widespread than potentials of the enjoyable working environment along with the lesser collaborate with more profit is expected.

These graphics inserted and implemented by the Graphic Designers Dubai is a source of inspiration which shown creative designs. There are various problems faced by the graphic designers. They might face difficulty during font selection for the navigation. There are times when looking into restraints where design creativity is involved we neglect the flexibility which makes the solution more successful one.


image01 (1)

These problems every designer deals with and they fight to insert modern techniques which favor the flexibility. Even the clients agree with it but its less time consuming, minor expenditure and efforts as well.   This makes the graphic designer be prepared for future enhancement which every business looks out for.

Brand Safety with Branding Dubai

Safety on part of every brand is a scary thing. Scandals can ruin the image of the product or service which has taken quite long to build that reputation. When brands have the idea for gaining success in their mind so they should even think about the scandals and loss they can face. Not only ad campaigns but other sources for branding should be thoroughly managed and looked into.


Branding Dubai has been playing a role in bringing the confidence of the customers where their products and services are involved. They believe in targeting the semantic technology where ads and safe content is involved.

image02 (2)


The concern where brand safety is involved is not new with on and off shedding lights to it. The main focus is given to avalanche of outrage across the e-commerce industry when this concern arises. The ads or videos which creates the sense of hatred or offensive content can be prohibited to avoid such issues. The brands invest a lot of money and hire many people to stop from the bad advertising causing harm to the brand. This is exactly the same thing taken care of for the sake of the safety of the clients by Branding Dubai.

image01 (2)

There are wide variety of tools which can prove to be helpful in stopping the ads from showing the controversial content. There has been certain reviews on brand controlling with which all those issues can be taken into consideration. Help your brand to flourish and make it prosper rather letting it fall prey to controversy. Brand safety is an important issue which need attention.