SEO is important for marketers incredibly. When you optimize your content on web pages as well as blog, this means you are allowing people to visit your site more visibly. People who look for keywords related with your product, brand or service by means of engines like Google, can be tricky tactic to master with copious algorithm updates. Some of the ways should be focused and are as follows:


  • Focus on 1-2 long tail keywords


In order to optimize your blog posts for keyword, it is not about only incorporating as many keywords as you can into the blog posts, but it is actually about your search engines which show that you are only stuffing the keywords.  A good rule of thumb is to focus on keywords per blog post.


  • Include 1-2 keywords in some parts of your post


There are some essential places you should try to include your keywords such as headers, headline and body and Meta description and URL. Now, you have got one or two keywords, it is the time to include it into your blog post.


  • Ensuring that your blog is mobile-friendly


According to Google, mostly people use search engine on their mobile phones instead of the desktop. All of the valuable search queries are being done on mobile, Google shows the outcomes first for mobile-friendly. Yet, this is another example of Google which has been true since the algorithm updates heavily favoring mobile-friendly websites.

You must have to notice some of the mobile-friendly examples listed first when searched for the best restaurants in user phone. There are no search outcomes that mobile-friendly aren’t on the first page of Google search.


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